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13 - 14 July, Warsaw, Warsaw Praga Museum


The project was created in order to raise awareness about cultural and ethnic diversity using musical performances and discussion panels. Its program features concerts, talks and debates on diversity, intercultural collaboration, and most importantly, conflict prevention.


Music is the universal language, which can serve as an important tool to build peace in the world. Music is a code in which everyone can express oneself and at the same time show the uniqueness of different traditional styles. Also, when performed in groups, music making can be a sentimental and bonding experience. Therefore, people exposed to different cultural styles, can become inspired and develop something new.


During the event participants will cover topics such as tolerance, diversity and mutual kindness, which can be discussed further and supported with stories of individual experience. Additionally, discussions will evolve around current issues, such as nationalism and xenophobia and find new solutions through collaboration, mutual help and understanding.


The project will involve people of different nationalities, cultures and professions. Finding shared attributes and noticing differences will help to develop better understanding and create bonds between seemingly isolated or opposed cultures. The participants of EnCORE Classical, as well as other participants from the JM Network will play the important role, being engaged in discussions and concerts. They will also have a chance to contribute to the project, composing a special 'international' piece to be performed by the international orchestra during the event.


The event will be open to the public and totally free for the audience. It is very important to engage with the local intercultural communities and involve the audience members in the discussion and sharing their experience on intercultural collaboration. The event will be held in English and Polish, and will be translated simultaneously.
The project was created thanks to the financial support of the JM International network and thanks to the Project for Peace scholarship.

The event was held under the honorary patronage of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski. The event is organized by the JM Poland association and a scholarship holder, Małgorzata Zwierzchowska, and a partner of the Warsaw Praga Museum. T he sponsor of the event is SKM - Szybka Kolej Miejska w Warszawie. Admission to the event is free. Admission to accompanying concerts for a nominal fee. The event will be simultaneously translated in English and Polish.


13th JULY 2019, Saturday

Time  Subject
10:30 Introduction: Richard Berkeley (United Kingdom/Poland) Opening and introduction of the key themes of this event and the main topics to be discussed.  
10:45 Results of the workshop MUSIC AS LANGUAGE - Filipe Sousa (Portugal/United Kingdom) Musicians who participated in workshops focusing on communication through music rather than the spoken word present the results of their work 
11:05 HOLDING THE NOTE: War, Fear, Empathy and Music – Laura Hassler (Musicians Without Borders, USA/Nederlands) Founder and Director of ‘Musicians Without Borders’ will talk about her foundation’s peace-building initiatives all over the world.  
12:00 A SCHOOL THAT HEALS SCARSfr. Benedykt Pączka (African Music School, Poland) A Polish missionary working in The Central African Republic will share his experiences of establishing the first music school for children in that country. 
13:00 (break 50 min)
13:50 UNIVERSAL POWER O MUSIC – concert lecture by Orit Wolf (Israel) A concert lecture by the renowned pianist and TED speaker, Orit Wolf, on the communicative power of music. 
14:40 Discussion panel FINDING WAYS OF BUILDING MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING THROUGH MUSICLaura Hessler, Orit Wolf, Benedykt Pączka, Michael Christensen (JMI, Denmark) Speakers from a variety of backgrounds share their insights (or views, or thoughts) on themes already discussed and explore the role of music in creating a common language of peace between peoples of different nations and cultures.
15:30 Discussion panel HOW WARSAW USES MUSIC FOR SOCIAL PURPOSES? – Anna Michalak-Pawłowska (Warsaw Cultural Education Program), Julia Dmeńska (Family Support Center), Katarzyna Konciak (The Social Orchestra), Dariusz Paczkowski (Klamra Foundation), Paweł Kos-Nowicki (Social Dialogue Committee for Music), hosted by Wojciech Walczak (JM Poland). A group of contributors, all working for Warsaw residents, share their thoughts on how music could enhance social wellbeing at a local level.
16:30 (break 2h) 
18:30 Concert A WORD ABOUT PEACE A joint concert featuring the Polish music ensembles ‘Emotivo’ and ‘Kapela Niwinskich’ who will perform together to communicate the ‘Music with No Borders’ message through vocal pieces sung in different languages. 
19:30 Jam Session NEW WAYS IN CLASSICAL MUSIC enCORE members together with the members of Bastarda group will improvise together, crossing cultural borders and pushing the boundaries of conventional performance.  

14th JULY 2019, Sunday

Time Subject
9:45 EXPERIENCE SHARING PLATFORM – the voice of enCORE Drawing on their own musical activities, enCORE members will share their experiences of internationalism, multiculturalism.  
11:00 HOW TO LIVE TOGETHER? Alexander Pennington (South Africa) Alexander Pennington, political commentator and researcher in psychology will explore why it is so difficult for people to live together in harmony, basing his talk on the ideas of the psychiatrist and influential political philosopher Frantz Fanon and on his own experiences in his South African homeland. 
11:45 Q&A i Discussion Panel OUR ROLE IN PEACEBUILDING Laura Hassler, Alexander Pennington, Otto de Jong (Netherlands), Richard Berkeley An interactive session between the panel and audience to explore the role of musicians in breaking down barriers and promoting understanding between different cultures.
12:45 THE WAY FORWARDRichard Berkeley The closing speech of our event which will summarize the topics covered and the conclusions drawn from our joint discussions. 
13:00 (break 1h)
14:00 Concert THE ORCHESTRA – AN INTERNATIONAL ORGANISM Performed by a truly international orchestra of musicians from enCORE, the N-Harmonia string orchestra and students from the Royal Academy of Music. They will play a varied programme of which the highlight will be a new work, jointly composed for the occasion by three composers from different countries. Otto de Jong – conducting