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This year will be the 8th edition of the program
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Polish National Youth Orchestra LYO is the only polish symphony orchestra comprised of music high schools’ students. Each year, we travel across Poland in search of the most gifted young musicians, who share the same passion. From 2013, we build a team, where students aged 14 - 19 acquire professional skills and universal values such as responsibility, reliance, creativity and the ability of teamwork.

Solutions applied during rehearsals and a concert tour, as well as during initial project planning, result from the combination of professional knowledge and the longstanding experience of the project holders - international association JM and Philharmonia Orchestra, one the greatest world orchestras.


Since it’s foundaNon, the existence of PNYO LYO has resulted from individual commitment of dozens of people. Each year, there are hundreds of students, teachers and principals acNvely engaged in the project. During 3 years of acNvity, the orchestra has awarded over hundred young musicians with scholarships.

NPYO LYO is a vehicle created to provide others with a chance for passion development. Every moment, from the first talk on the phone, to the last phrase at the concert, is filled with maximum involvement. Like many of you, we cannot remain indifferent about emoNons hidden in music.

Professional training in music is a difficult and mulN-dimensional issue. It ends successfully when the level of personal arNsNc development equals the level of knowledge of work in a team. PNYO LYO works with the best available coaches - the highest standard of orchestra workshop is guaranteed by musicians - trainers from Philharmonia Orchestra. Offering other workshops, Jeunesses Musicales' experts introduce the world’s present paferns of cultural educaNon.

Dynamic changes of the world result in a conNnuous search for the new approach, also in the field of arNsNc educaNon. Our programme includes improvising and composing workshops that develop creaNvity. Health and a good posture awareness are of the greatest importance. We take care of them during the workshops and relaxing sessions with physiotherapy and body kineNcs specialists.

It is our pleasure and privilege that the whole complex process, the moments of intensive work, nerves and emoNons strive for a common aim, with the best possible final. It closes our mouths and opens our souls. The moment of reward for all of us.


POM Lutoslawski Youth Orchestra concert at the Polish Radio Concert Studio W. Lutosławski. Soloist Jakub Jakowicz
A short document about POM LYO 2016.
Composition POM LYO 2016 - A composition composed during the Summer Academy of Skills by members of POM LYO in 2016. For the first time in Poland, orchestral music in 360 degree technology!
Composition 2013 - A composition composed during the Summer Academy of Skills by members of the Lutosławski Youth Orchestra in 2013. The composition was an element of the concert program.