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We play for pleasure, but for a just and righteous purpose.
– The Social Orchestra
What if you took the instrument and played for pleasure? Reach out for your musical experience, dust off your skills and use your talent for a good cause? The newly created Social Orchestra focusses on providing pleasure from music making, giving concerts in such places as hospitals, social welfare homes or community centers.
The Social Orchestra was founded in Warsaw in September 2018 on the initiative of Katarzyna Konciak and Wojciech Walczak with the support of two well-known organizations dealing with informal music education - "Music Is for Everyone" Foundation and JM Poland. It is a band in which people who played classical instruments in the past can further develop their passion for orchestra playing in their free time. As the research of the Polish Music Council has shown, only 10% of people studying in a secondary music schools go to the professional music market. The overwhelming majority of young musicians, often even after 12 years of professional education, change their profession and shape their future in other environments. "We have estimated this number in Warsaw alone for at least 10,000 people!" - says Wojciech Walczak, conductor of the Social Orchestra - "it is a huge amount of unused musical skills".
"The social orchestra was joined by scientists, journalists, engineers, teachers, accountants - over 50 people representing various professions. They returned to playing the instrument, because the orchestra gave them a social context to use their musical skills, the ability to use their talents for a just purpose. In addition, they're staying within the group of people with similar sensitivity "- adds Katarzyna Konciak, manager of the Social Orchestra. At present, there are two groups in Warsaw, located in various parts of the city and operating independently.
The purpose of the Social Orchestra is not only to nicely spend some free time together. It also addresses activities to people who for various reasons are not recipients of professional orchestras activity and thus have limited access to culture. The Social Orchestra fills the niche by organizing its own events and supporting charity actions of other entities. It gives free concerts in atypical places, for people who have not yet had the chance to hear live symphonic music.